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Discovering the beauty of Europe: Why road trips are the best way to explore Europe?

Travelling by car: discover Europe from a new perspective

The great writer Robert Louis Stevenson said: To travel is hopefully a better thing than to arrive. This is precisely what a road trip through Europe looks like - slow, full of impressions, and captivating. In this article, we'll explain why a car is the best option for traveling in Europe, reveal the secrets of the old continent, and dive into the magical world of road trips.


Unlimited freedom

When you travel by car, you have a huge field of possibilities. You are not dependent on train, bus or plane schedules, allowing you to move at your own pace and dictate your own rules. Do you want to spend the night in a small village, climb the mountains or drive along a picturesque coastline? All this is possible thanks to the car - your faithful traveling companion.

Discover the unknown

Traveling by car, you can see unique places that are inaccessible to ordinary tourists. Small villages, secret castles, vineyards stretching along the slopes - all of this becomes your discovery when you drive. Such a trip will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and life of the locals, experience hospitality and plunge into the true spirit of Europe.

Economy on transportation

Although car tourism may seem expensive, it is far from it. Renting a car and paying for fuel is usually cheaper than buying train or plane tickets, especially if traveling with a company or family. You can also save money on accommodation by staying in more affordable places that are far from tourist centers.

Interact with nature

Traveling by car in Europe allows you to enjoy the diversity of natural beauty that cities and tourist destinations cannot offer. From the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean coast to the mysterious forests and mountain peaks of the Alps, the entire continent will appear before you in all its glory. Driving routes that take you to the most secluded corners of Europe will allow you to experience the joy of interacting with nature and learn to appreciate the world around you.

Enjoy local cuisine

European cuisine is renowned for its diversity, and a road trip will give you the opportunity to enjoy dishes from different regions and countries. From renowned French wines and cheeses to mouth-watering Italian kinds of pasta and pizzas, every region of Europe offers something unique and unforgettable. A road trip allows you to stop at restaurants and cafés chosen by the locals, which guarantees authentic flavors and atmosphere.

Creating an outstanding experience

Travelling by car in Europe is a unique chance to create unforgettable memories and experiences. Discovering new places, meeting interesting people and having amazing adventures - all this awaits you on the roads of the old continent. A road trip will be the perfect backdrop for your family album or stories you can tell your friends and colleagues when you return home.

In conclusion, a road trip through Europe is a multifaceted and exciting adventure that will open up new horizons and enrich your life with vivid impressions. Thanks to the freedom of choice, the opportunity to explore little-known places, savings, interaction with nature, culinary discoveries and the creation of unique memories, a road trip through Europe will be your best choice.

Do not doubt your abilities and capabilities - take a map, choose a route, rent a car, buy the necessary vignettes in the eTOLLs EU app and hit the road. You will see the most stunning landscapes, discover the secrets of ancient castles and cathedrals, feel the harmony of local life and learn to appreciate every moment spent on the road. Europe is waiting for you and its riches


These are the trips that can bring true pleasure, satisfaction from discovery and joy of communication with yourself and the world around you into your life. Allow yourself to plunge into the unique atmosphere of European roads and enjoy every moment of your stay on them. It will undoubtedly become one of the brightest and most significant periods of your life.