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Road trip: Explore Romania and the scenic roads by car

The wide open roads have a certain charm and a sense of freedom as you drive into the unknown, with each bend exposing a new landscape and experience. There is no bigger satisfaction than the ability to stop in any city, town, or village along the way and explore by yourself. And, there are so many beautiful and scenic roads and routes that can be done by car. Since we didn’t place The Transfăgărășan in the Top ten most beautiful roads for traveling by car in Europe in our article, we will cover it in this article about exploring Romania by car. 

But, everyone knows the most famous snake road in Romania, right?

Even so, we will start our adventure with this serpentine road, although there is so much to be seen and explored in Romania. 

To capture the essence of this dynamic country rich in history, arts, and scenic beauty we would choose these three words: authentic, natural, and cultural. 

Now, imagine winding roads cutting through lush forests, medieval castles, and picturesque villages in the Carpathians.

That’s true: Romania is a road-tripper paradise with a history of wonder and beauty awaiting at every turn. 

Let’s start.

The Transfăgărășan Highway: The name Transfagarasan (trans + Făgăraș) means Făgăraș crossing or across Fagaras. Also known as DN7C, this mountain crossing path is the second-highest road in Romania. The “snake” road is probably one of the most beautifully stunning roads in the world and a must “drive” for every road tripper. It promises a memorable trip with views of glacial lakes, waterfalls, and the spectacular Făgăraş Mountains. It stretches through the Southern Carpathians for 90 kilometers, putting you on a rollercoaster journey of breathtaking sights.