Exploring Hidden Gems of SwitzerlandTravel advices

Beautiful insider places to visit in Switzerland by car

Switzerland is a stunning country that offers more than just its well-known cities such as Lucerne, Bern, and Geneva. There are numerous lesser-known yet captivating travel destinations that are ideally explored by car. These hidden gems provide a glimpse of Switzerland's natural beauty, charming towns, and cultural heritage. Although Switzerland is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, its best places to visit are often the secret spots where you can fully experience nature without being surrounded by tons of tourists. Here is our list of five of those places.


GelmerseeThe stunning Gelmersee, with its crystal-clear waters and mirror-like reflections, is located near Meiringen and makes a great day trip from Zurich, only a two-hour drive away. If you're looking for an unworldly and peaceful experience, then this turquoise lake and its breathtaking surroundings are perfect for you. For an even more enjoyable experience, you should take the Gelmerbahn funicular and dive into the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, including the Handegg waterfall. Once at the top, you can explore hiking trails and enjoy panoramic views of the Swiss Alps. Don't miss the 7 km long hike that takes approximately 3 hours to complete, offering a unique and unforgettable hiking experience. You won't be disappointed!