Car vs. Train travel: Which offers more convenience and flexibility?Travel advices

The difference between car and train travel and why you should choose to travel by car

Car travel, train travel, air travel. There are a lot of different sources of transportation to reach a particular place. And then: eco-friendly, cost-effectivity, time efficiency, family-friendly, etc.  Always the dilemma of what and how to choose. 

As explorers, we often find ourselves torn between modern transportation and unconventional journeys.

But, let’s start this article in another way.

Have you ever been inspired by an unexpected source that caused you to think deeply?

The idea for this week's blog post resulted from an Instagram comment on our page,  a thought from a user about traveling by train, and the pleasure of lounging in your seat and taking in the view carelessly.

That made us think. Yes, traveling is a powerful experience that creates lasting memories and you should definitely enjoy every single minute of it.

It's fascinating how apps such as eTOLLs EU can combine convenience and adventure, making road trips easy and the best way to truly explore the places.

Let’s continue. 

Inspired by this already mentioned comment on traveling by train we decided to make this article about the differences between a car and a train travel and why traveling by car should be your first choice. About the whole experience of traveling by car as the best way to explore Europe, you can read here.

We must admit, train travel indeed has its good points, but traveling by car opens up a world of possibilities while keeping comfort at the forefront.

The first difference would be THE FLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE of having a car travel!

One of the most significant advantages of traveling by car is the incredible freedom and flexibility it offers. You can start your adventure whenever you want, making spontaneous stops along the way. You have complete control over your schedule, whether you want to visit a breathtaking viewpoint, a local cafe, or simply take a break and breathe fresh air. This level of convenience can make the experience more enjoyable and memorable. You certainly can not have this freedom and experience on a train ride. 

Yes, true! The train makes A LOT OF STOPS along the way as well, but most of them are not in scenic places.   

The second significant difference is  DOOR-TO-DOOR TRAVEL.

Traveling by car offers a smooth and enjoyable door-to-door experience. You won't have to struggle with transfers or navigating crowded train stations. You can get from your starting point to your destination without changing platforms, looking for connections, or waiting for the next train or bus to take you to the desired place. This simplicity might save you time and energy, especially if you have a lot of bags with you. Or children.

When you travel by car, you have the benefit of having your OWN PRIVACY AND PERSONAL SPACE. You don't have to share your space with strangers, unlike on a train, which can make for a more comfortable and stress-free journey. You may sit back and relax without having to worry about noisy people or a lack of legroom. Furthermore, car travel allows you greater PACKING FLEXIBILITY. You do not need to be concerned about luggage restrictions or bag size. This means you can bring whatever you need, whether it's camping gear, sports equipment, or even your beloved pet.