Toll roads in Europe and what we pay the price for Travel advices

Reasons we pay tolls in Europe: Countries with digital vignettes

As we promised, our journey to understanding tolls in Europe continues. This week's article will focus on the diverse toll payment systems and the reasons why we pay tolls in specific countries. Toll roads are essential in many countries' transportation infrastructure, and they can be found almost everywhere throughout Europe. 

The toll system and even the reasons why we pay for toll roads vary from country to country. 

Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland are some of the European countries that require digital vignettes for travel on particular roads alongside Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Moldova.

In the next few lines, you'll learn where the money goes when we buy a vignette for these countries.

The Czech Republic

Let's start with the example of the Czech Republic. This country has a network of tolled highways and expressways. Toll revenues are primarily used to maintain and improve road infrastructure. The country's toll system also encourages the use of modern electronic toll collection technology, reducing congestion and improving traffic flow. Instead of waiting in lines at toll booths, you can purchase an e-vignette when traveling or crossing the country. The easiest way to do so is using eTOLLs EU App which provides vignettes for toll roads in 8 countries in Europe. So, basically, the amount of money you pay by purchasing a vignette goes for the upkeep of the Czech road network, including highways and expressways. Speaking of the Czech Republic , you should consider reading this.


In Hungary, toll roads play an important role in funding infrastructure projects and ensuring high-quality road maintenance. The country has a well-established electronic toll collection system as well as the Czech Republic. Other than that toll collection at border crossings helps manage traffic and generate revenue. If you ever wondered if Hungary is worth visiting, read our article here.